Romance Book Bloggers

A Brief Introduction

The Romance Blog Tour (RBT) site is currently under construction, but we are now seeking advanced blogger partners (tour hosts) who would like to take part in our innovative virtual tour program aimed specifically at the Romance genre.

RBT will differ somewhat from other tour services in that we will automatically syndicate author requests out to our blogger partners.  Bloggers will only receive those requests which are tailored specifically to their Romance genre and sub-genre interests.  Our focus will be primarily based around ‘blastoff’ promotions which aim to run promotions simultaneously (for maximum impact) on the same day across a range of blogs.  Whether it be for book launches or to give existing books a boost, RBT will make it easier to connect authors with Romance bloggers / reviewers.  The service will be simple, streamlined and will cut out the unnecessary communication that exists in the build up to a standard tour.

Bloggers will of course have no obligation to run a tour and there will be an ample 30 day lead time for all tour requests.

How it Works / What You’ll Receive

Once an author has completed our comprehensive submission form, you as a blogger will receive an email detailing everything you need to know about the author and their book.  This should give you all the information you need to construct a post.  If you want, you can of course just post an author’s pre-written guest post, or you can communicate directly with the author to request a review copy of their book, conduct author interviews etc.

After you receive a tour request from us we will follow up with a second email which includes a Rafflecopter giveaway widget.

Below is a breakdown of the information you will receive in the tour request email:

  • Romance genre / sub-genre to be targeted
  • Date the promotion is to go live
  • Promotion type (either book launch or ‘book blast’ – for those books which are already in circulation)
  • Book title
  • Author name
  • Author email
  • Author website / blog
  • Author Facebook page
  • Author Twitter profile
  • Author email registration page
  • Author biography
  • Link(s) to where a book can be bought online
  • Link(s) to author images, cover art and other graphics
  • Book blurb
  • Book excerpt
  • Existing quotes or reviews (if the author has any)
  • Promotional methods the author is open to (book review, author interview, guest post, giveaways)
  • A full guest post written by the author
  • Giveaway details (number of signed print copies, digital copies, value of Amazon gift card – these will be incorporated into the Rafflecopter widget which we’ll send you separately)
  • Any additional comments or instructions from the author

 Our Blogger Sign-up Form

Please fill in the form below to be added to our blogger partner database.  We look forward to having you on board.  Thanks!